Definitely not a pyramid scheme.

Everyone assumes that the church hierarchy is a pyramid, and the aim is to get as high on the pyramid as you can*. The higher-ups get to make decisions, impact the church on a larger scale, and have a status and position that some envy.

* Not necessarily true for campus, who seems to all want to get on TC and stay there, but we’ll put this aside for a moment.

But really it’s the reverse. It’s the people on “top” that are expected to hold up everyone “under” them. There’s more weight, more pressure, more responsibility. And not having a middle later isn’t the top coming down, it’s whether the people in the layer under are willing to hold up the rest of the pyramid or, more often, what they’re willing to let fall.

I don’t know why I am the way I am, but it’s exhausting trying to juggle and keep everything up.

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