Merry Christmas

I lost track of all the numbers… there’s some in here I don’t think I’ve seen before.

Health and wealth

SB turned me onto this concept of Direct Primary Care (Netflix for doctors), and given what I have for insurance, it made a lot of sense to sign up. It’s interesting realizing what my mindset has been toward healthcare before this. Now that I have the option to bother someone outside of an appointment, without worry about co-pay and other costs, now that it’s a lot easier to go to someone and ask for help, I’m more willing and wanting to take it.

I’m also a lot more unhealthy than I thought.

Wedding Weekend

An assortment of thoughts

(Paraphrase) “I get it now, why it’s so important for me to meet your family. It’s important to me that you meet my friends; it’s important for you that I meet your family.”

I slept better away from home than I have in months. I’ve also had far more dry mouth in just a day being back. I’m not sure if it’s the dry air of Michigan, the heating unit in my room, or maybe something messed up inside my body, but I really, really need this to be over now.

LA weather and food are nice. In-n-out was good (still a Shake Shack guy). Had the most amazing bread pudding I’ve ever had. I can see why people want to move there. Not me, at least not yet, but people.