To the white guy at Mr. Spot’s last Friday night.

I heard you.

I don’t know if you thought no one else would be paying attention, or that you said it subtly enough that no one else would hear.

But I heard you.

“Careful of the coughing.”

You said to your (white) friends who were sitting at the booth waiting for their food.

I’m thankful that my mostly Asian friends didn’t hear you.
I’m thankful that if they did, they didn’t hear, register, or understand.
I’m thankful that you were already out the door.
I’m thankful it took me a minute to fully realize what you said.
I’m thankful that I was trapped by furniture and people so I couldn’t run after you.
And I’m thankful that a confrontation only happened in my head and not out of it.

Because I’m still a sinner, and I would have thoroughly enjoyed punching you in the face.

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