The Weeknd – Heartless

The amount of work that went into this… astounding.

Leviticus 20

I’ve always had an understanding that the laws for sexual purity were about an abstract idea of holiness, that there were moral ways to behave, and that we shouldn’t defile ourselves by acting a certain way. And there probably is a strong basis for it, “Be holy for I am holy” and “The sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”

But this chapter gives me something else to think about: maybe part of being holy is caring about what God cares about – the family. That he cares not only that His people were sacrificing to another god, but specifically that they were sacrificing their children. That the family, one of the first if not the first institution He creates, is so important to Him, His plans for human flourishing, so fundamental to the way He designed creation, that He makes laws designed to protect it: protecting children from being sacrificed for their parents’ benefit, honoring the parents who live to lovingly serve their children, and honoring the sanctity of a covenant-union between spouses.

And maybe that’s another thing God is doing during this season: turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to their fathers.


Thanks for the 6 seasons of seeing people that look more like me on the TV box, and even if each story was a little too nicely wrapped in a tight 22 minutes, it meant something that the stories were more like my own than anything else on TV.


When I worked for Northwestern’s Student Affairs IT, we had a daily “Scrum”* meeting where we had all of our major projects on a board, the smaller tasks related with those projects, and where those were in terms of progress – on deck, in progress, and done. We would do a daily briefing about our status and updates about the major tasks, and celebrate when we finished a major project. I’ve tried doing this digitally, but it’s just not been effective. I also didn’t buy enough white board contact paper. But I’m hoping this will be good for my mental health – there’s just something helpful seeing my tasks and responsibilities visually, out of the gray cloud in my head and onto something tangible.

*Scrum in quotes because we didn’t do what scrum actually is, but we called it that anyway.

First match

Last night, E and I watched her very first wrestling match together. Why, I don’t know, but I chose to show her the Firefly Fun House match from the last WrestleMania. Her reaction was what I expected, and I had to explain a lot, but maybe she’ll watch a “normal” match sometime in the future.