An illustration

I remember listening to a sermon by Dr. Timothy Tennent while we were in India, and I’m guessing the metaphor was highly contextualized, but the illustration stuck with me – not the details, but overall point. He talked about how there were some mango farmers who were overseeing some mango trees. They would focus on the ones that were closest to them, focus on trying to get some of the mangoes that were super hard to reach on the top of the trees closest to them, argue about what was the best way to wash the mangoes – should they dunk? should they sprinkle water? – but all the while, there were trees overrun with mangoes just outside the circle of trees they focused on, ripe and ready to be picked. Why didn’t they go and get those mangoes?

Not the same point, but in the same vein: “While churches are debating whether a whale swallowed Jonah, the state is enacting inhuman laws against the oppressed.” – James Cone