Worth It – 2020/COVID edition

1. Reusable Microfiber Cloths & Storage Baskets

Bought these when people were hoarding paper towels. Definitely worth. I still use paper towels now, but a lot less than I would normally use.

2. Beard Trimmer & Facial Hair Scissors

Because she likes the beard, but not when it gets too long.

3. Foam Slippers & Sweatpants

Fun fact: I would rarely wear jeans before college. A combination of, the ones I tried were too uncomfortable, and some insecurity about how I looked. I still don’t know why. Anyway. Before quarantine, I never wore sweatpants. Dear younger Josh: don’t be stupid, get sweatpants.

Slippers, too. Although this was more to keep my feet warm so I don’t have to run the heat in my condo too much.

4. Lavalier Mic

For all the video recording I have to do now.

5. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

It made its fun cameos in some videos this year.

6. Wagyu Beef Tallow

According to E, it produced the best steak she’s ever eaten. I’m going to guess she means homemade, but still.

7. Bidet

Not bought in 2020, but THANK YOU previous condo owners for having these pre-installed. Saved my behind when people were unnecessarily hoarding toilet paper this year.