Revenge of the Fifth

I watched the third. Anakin is still too angsty. Emperor Palpatine with a lightsaber results in absolutely terrible choreography, at least before Yoda shows up. But then there’s this:

I don’t know. Also, after watching a few episodes of The Clone Wars, it’s infuriating how much difference in quality there is between the show and the films. Sigh.

May the 4th be with you, too

Better than the first. Acting was better, even if the script still wasn’t great. The acting… It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Amidala’s attraction to Anakin is confusing. Why? What’s the basis? Physical attraction? Persistence? Because they need them to get together to make Luke and Leia?

I could have used a little more subtlety in Anakin’s feelings toward Obi-Wan. More of a slow burn than a “I hate him” speech.

Also, I’m wondering how much better this story could have been if it was written from chapter one. How much better the reveal could have been if the Palpatine was revealed to be Sith without nearly as many clues. Also, could it have been pulled off without losing the turn of Darth Vader being Luke’s father in Episode 5.

How much fluff could have been removed if only.

Also, CGI Yoda is still weird.

May the 4th be with you

Is it a stretch to think that the story’s not that bad? Am I watching with rose-tinted glasses? Peacetime is often boring. So, sure, a trade dispute is boring. But if it’s relative peacetime, with no Sith around for a millennia, then starting with something as innocuous as trade makes sense.

What is Palpatine’s motivation?

The podracing scene felt a little like the whole side quest in The Last Jedi. A little unnecessary, but not as much – at least it highlights how force-sensitive Anakin is. It’s character development, even though it could have done without a shot of the alien selling food in the crowd.

Ineffective democracy and beauracracy paves the way for an Emperor to take over. No parallels in modern society at all, of course.

The acting is bad. So, so bad. And the racial tones… why was ever Jar Jar a thing.

How many parallels?

This movie was far worse than I remember… bad acting, unnecessary parts, dull characters… but at least everything seemed intentional – we know what it’s moving toward, definitely better as a prequel than a first chapter. If George Lucas started with this… who knows what would have happened.

Bye, bye, Li’l Sebastian


Thanks for the 6 seasons of seeing people that look more like me on the TV box, and even if each story was a little too nicely wrapped in a tight 22 minutes, it meant something that the stories were more like my own than anything else on TV.